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no one is online 



No updates= Cancelled game due to copyrights

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Will there be updates?

Bussy, will work on it eventually



nice game ben türküm

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and is this a good game

Why are the legs grey

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it is allowed to fuck?

wait what the fuck

Is it allowed on phone?

is it good?

discord please

bruh he just pressed the windows button to get out proobably

I recommend tweaking the graphics so the characters look a little different and changing the name of the game. That way it won't be taken down and you could potentially sell it on  Steam and actually make some money from it..

Also I ran into a bug that I can't press the quit game


then how r u here


probably ALT+F4 or smth

alf f4

Just press the Windows Button to minimize the game

Instead of needing to use discord to chat we can just text instead please

We ran into a problem. Had a discord set up and a bunch of people ready to go, but we couldnt join each other. I got into one persons game but the other couldn't find it and vice versa. I did find a random game on the public rooms but was never able to get a game fully running, even tried using Hamachi and it didn't resolve the issue xD following and hope it gets fixed am VERY excited to play this =)


Fyi my video explains the problem and the solution is on the discord linked in one of the comments below


Oohhh wow thanks! Might be able to fivure something out with that then! :D

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hey i like this game it looks goodbut noone online playing

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hi i want to be in your discord

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Finally made a video about the fun we've had with this yet!

P        R         O           Y            E           C           T

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ArE yOu ReAlLy Mr BoNnIe iM a TaLl FaN

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Flamingo not real, Vote him out.

are you flamingo im a bigggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg huge fannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

need oil need oil need oil nee need oil need oil need oil need oil need oil need oil need oil ****

p r o y e c t

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Deleted 90 days ago


this game kinda sus

can it be for mac pls?

Can't wait till vents are added!! also how do I change color? when I press esc I get the "color" seting but I can't change to anything. 


Colors are kind of buggy, will fix them eventually

nobody is playing this game XD

but it is still cool


i want windowed mode


whats wrong wtih fullscreen mode

yup you are right

press alt+enter

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Really hard to find people to play this with. All the among us discords are paranoid about links (understandable) so I made a discord:

I'll go try to get more people on reddit i guess

Hello iwanplays

You should add some graphic options too, I don't have a really good pc so I can't play it.


pls add bot servers so we can play even when no one else on

How does one start the game? Gotta wait for 10?

No click P

Thank you!


good game, a youtuber called Dani made something similar to this, But is the only playable among us 3D that i found.



Im a huge follower of Dani and I actually was really bumped down when I saw Dani's attempt of Among Us 3D because I made this two weeks ago but didn't had the chance of finishing it... Thanks for the comment, really appreciate it!

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So I kept my server running for hours and randomly 2 people joined at two different points in time. But now I'm trying to get people to join and it doesn't work. Does a certain port have to be open for this to work? 5055 (photon default) does not seem to work.

PS: We were able to figure out the problem - regions are determined automatically. Forcing it to for example "us" allows US player to join EU host though.

lets hope that multiple people play the game soo


No one is playing this. Kinda bits but looks good so far

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